De Facto Separation

Why are family lawyers important?

In a day and age where separation is common, experienced family lawyers are becoming increasingly sought after. Separation is a stressful time for everyone involved and an experienced family lawyer will help assist in this tough time for you and your family. In trying times, the last thing you want to do is add more stress in an already deteriorating relationship by engaging in verbal disputes with an ex-partner. We know, it isn't easy to avoid, but this is where family lawyers come in and act for you.

The De-facto Relationship

The law no longer makes any distinction between married spouses and de-facto partners for the purposes of property and children's arrangements, giving de-facto couples the same rights as married couples. However, many de-facto couples separate without crystallising their financial position and formalising their children's arrangements. This 'oversight' can leave you fighting a long and expensive battle in the Family Court if issues arise.

Child Custody

To add to an already stressful time in your life, child related proceedings and custody arrangements can be extremely traumatic. You're at risk of losing a relationship with your most loved ones and you might feel like there is not much you can do about it. Experienced family lawyers will ensure your needs are recognised and your ability to care for your children is not compromised.

Property Settlement

Property Settlement is an important part of any separation, family lawyers have got you covered from that angle too. Most people struggle to cope with going through a separation, maintaining gainful employment and trying to settle their property disputes at the same time. Family lawyers will ensure the completion of pre-action procedures such as negotiation of a settlement without necessarily leading to Court action. In the event of Court, then we can file the necessary forms at the Family Court, and aim to bring your matter to a timely completion.

What we can do for you

Family lawyers will reduce conflict, manage your expectations and communicate your needs to the other side.


Unlike in other legal matters, family law costs can be estimated as we are able to give accurate cost estimates depending on your individual matter. In most cases, a fixed fee can be agreed for the provided services.