Simple Wills

George Papamihail Barristers & Solicitors are currently offering Simple Wills for $110 each (usually fixed from $330 - $440 each).

Have you updated your Will recently?

If we're being honest, most people don't like to think about preparing a Will, and this unfortunately leads to either no Will evidencing your wishes in regards to your Estate or outdated existing Wills that put undue stress on the beneficiaries.

What is a simple Will?

Legally valid Wills determine how your property will be disposed of after you pass away. In the event you have no Will in place or ambiguities arise with an existing Will, the laws of intestacy will apply, meaning your estate will be shared out subject to the Administration Act 1903 (WA) after all the debts have been paid.

A simple Will is a quick and easy document to create, that when drafted properly ensures your Estate is distributed evenly among your beneficiaries.

Why not just use a Will kit?

While a Will kit can create a valid will, there is room for errors that a qualified lawyer would easily spot. A large number of disputes could have been solved by a simple up to date Will. By getting a simple Will at George Papamihail Barristers & Solicitors your Will is reviewed to ensure it is error free.

What we can do for you

George Papamihail Barristers & Solicitors will advise you on your legal rights and obligations in relation to your property and assist you in the creation of a Will or review the validity of an existing one.